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Nowadays, online journals are raging, it is hard to say that the review system is working in some or many of them. There are also many so-called malicious predator journals that charge for exorbitant publishing costs. The background behind this kind of situation is that the author's desire for rapid publication meets with the interests of publishers for business purposes. Publishers pursuing more benefit should not normally handle academic manuscripts. Most academic journals in Japan are published by academic societies, and manuscript cannot be submitted unless the corresponding author belongs to the society. Since the publication costs for many of academic journals are not that inexpensive, someone having little funding cannot publish their data. Furthermore, nowadays, the number of academic presentations by junior-high and high school students is increasing, and there are excellent results that should be widely disseminated as well as being disserted.
Aquatic Animals is an open access, peer-reviewed online journal to publish such important data on all aspects of aquatic animal life.
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